About Us

For more than 15 years, Focusdetails has been delivering excellent quality Injection Molds to our customers. Our Focus is always to present the best and innovative engineering solutions for your projects.

Our moulds are produced with computerized numerical control equipment such a CNC milling center, EDM, wring center and grinding

Dedicated itself to the production of moulds for plastic injection and die cast, Focusdetails is a leading company in the injection mould industry, manufacturing tools and can propose productions of the tools at competitive prices – Slogan Customer Satisfy



Project management

Support product development

Mold Design & Tooling Engineering

Mold Manufacturing

Mold Qualification / Trials

Metrology control

Pre-Series Production

Fixture and Gauge Development


Support product development

We can take your idea from a sketch or from an existing basic concept to a fully engineered 3D model.
If your idea is already fully engineered in a 3D format, we will always try to bring our mold making and production experience to make your product even more robust and effective to the manufacturing process.

Mold Design & Tooling Engineering

• Mold Flow Analysis
• Draft analysis
• Wall section analysis
• Parting line development in conjunction with our customers
• Gating and Ejection location development in conjunction with our customers
• Multiple iterations of Mold flow studies
• Cooling optimization
• Preliminary mold design concepts
• Tool manufacturing strategy development for smoother tool validation process
• Full 3D mold design
• Detailed mold components (2D & 3D)

Project Management

When given a project, our project manager will be assigned to it. From that point on, the project manager will be your main contact from the beginning of the project until the Industrialization. Our project managers are mechanical engineers with at least 15 years of experience in the mold making / plastics industry. He/she will be fluent in English, German, Spain and French; listen to your needs and to your team’s needs; and will be able to provide you and our internal team with solid and sound solutions. Among others, some of the advantages our customers would benefit from are:

• Single point of contact with no language barrier
• Constant availability regardless of what time zone you’re in
• Weekly progress reports with pictures
• Formal process control with reports for design evaluations, critical dimensions, samples, etc

Mold Qualification / Trials

Our molds are all fully tested, developed and validated before they are shipped to our customers. This qualification begins with a full mold mechanical validation at the injection machine and finally to a full plastic part / mold dimensional approval. Our comprehensive mold and part development studies performed by our engineers cover:
• Tool Mechanical Tests
• Basic Injection Process Development
• Scientific Injection Process Development
• Steel dimensional extrapolation and mold Steel Adjustment
• Packaging

Mold Design - 3D Modeling

• PrZW3D
• Autocad


• Worknc
• ZW3D


• Mold Flow

CNC Milling

• Huron
• Okuma

EDM Equipment

• Charmilles
• Sodic

Wire Equipment

• Sodick


• Polysky